All you need to know about the video game Fifa 17 gratuit


If you are video game fanatic, FIFA 17 is the best game for you. Many had been anticipating for the release of this video game from ea sports or months, and it is finally here. The game was officially released on 26the September and is already available in the market and online in various app stores. Buy a copy or download and start enjoying playing with the new improved graphics on your screen. As usual, the new FIFA 17 come with many features that the previous versions did not have. It is designed to give you a high-quality gaming experience that you will enjoy.


How to play like a professional on Fifa 17 the video game

The new version of FIFA has been on a journey of improvement and bringing the most real gaming experience to every gamer. One thing that you are going to enjoy this time is seeing the new player rating that has been done. Many players have new ratings which are either an improvement or a decline on the FIFA 16 version. The rating is the realest you can get for any gaming application. You will have a nice time playing with your favorite club and top players.

All the major leagues have been included in this version of Fifa 17 gratuit. New additions to the big leagues are the J1 league and J. League Cup. The announcements of inclusion of these leagues were made on 26th June by EA sports. The Brazilian league has also been featured with top teams like Corinthians and Flamengo. There are other 18 teams from this division that have also been made available for players to pick. The inclusion of more leagues makes the tournaments more interesting, and you will play with the team of your choice in any major league in the world.


The graphics comparison of Fifa 17 on PC, PS4 and xbox one

The other thing that stands out about this version is the video graphics. High-quality graphics have been used to make the images look clearer than before. Streaming has also been enabled where the transition of images with be fast and precise without lagging. You will have a wonderful time playing online with other gamers provided you are connected with good internet. The graphics are same in Xbox, Play stations and even on PC game versions that have been released in the market. Order today and have the copy booked for you.

Just like the previous models of FIFA, it can be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3. XBOX 1, XBOX 360, and Microsoft Windows. The designing is compatible with these models, and you should not have a hard time running the program. In case you experience any problem, the solutions are provided in the cover case. Get your copy today and begin having the best experience in your gaming.

FIFA 17 is the next-gen football video game, no doubt about it

The latest version comes with new cover athletes who never appeared before. Eden Hazard, Antony Martial, Marco Rues, and James Rodriguez were selected to make the cover case. When buying, ensure the case has these athletes to know you are buying the genuine copy. Also, ensure the case has not been opened anytime before. The game is finally here, and it is time to enjoy video gaming than the tome before.